KLEVV has been pretty popular amongst enthusiasts and hardcore gamers for its performance, design and build quality. Just recently KLEVV has announced its brand new RAM, the CRAS XR RGB and BOLT XR looking out to bring a spark of speed and intense colour into various build designs. Essentially, both feature aluminium heat spreaders for greater heat conductivity alongside lower than average voltage and power consumption while offering the same level of performance. Lazy much? The XMP profiles are instantly usable through the BIOS for both Intel and AMD platforms.

Let’s get down to the unique features for each of them.



The KLEVV CRAS XR RGB DDR4 memory kits come at superior speeds of 4,266MHz at CL19-26-26-46, and 4,000MHz at CL19-25-25-45 in either 16GB (8GBx2) or 8GB capacities, and 3,600MHz with low latencies of CL18-22-22-42. Single or dual DIMM packs with all kinds of capacities are available for the best mix-and-match options while the 32GB (16GBx2) kits are available at 3,600MHz for PC builders and markets that prefer extra high capacity.

For the RGB goodness, a unique, circular RGB light diffuser design is adapted for blinky light flows for appealing view angles. It is compatible with various brands of RGB software such as ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, or ASRock Polychrome and even supports specific game titles for reactive lighting patterns.

Price starts at

  • RM399 for 2x8GB 3600MHz kit
  • RM729 for 2x16GB 3600MHz kit

Pricing and availability for the other timings to be updated.



Meanwhile, for the minimalist users, KLEVV’s BOLT XR series provides a refreshed look with its smart and distinct design style. An embossed pattern is featured on the surface of the heat spreader while the black bar and rounded edges prevent accidental pokes to your finger during installation. Its speeds are 4,000MHz at CL19-25-25-45 in either 8GB or 16GB (8GBx2) options, and also 3,600MHz at low-latencies of CL18-22-22-42. All kits come with the single and dual pack from 8GBx1, 8GBx2, 16GBx1, to 16GBx2 capacity options.

Price starts at

  • RM319 for 2x8GB 3600MHz kit
  • RM609 for 2x16GB 3600MHz kit

Pricing and availability for the other timings to be updated.

More info

The full details are available on their own pages.


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