To no people’s surprise, Kingston is the top DRAM supplier for 2020 which is also the 18th consecutive time.

DRAM Global Revenue 2020 Kingston Top

While the market share percentage has been cut down to 78.02% from 2019’s 80.33%, the amount of revenue generated by the DRAM business has actually increased from USD12,937 million to USD13,200 million where Kingston has attributed the success to smart trend prediction of the global silicon shortage by purchasing the necessary materials earlier than other competitors in order to provide a steady flow of stock across the world. On top of that, as the generation of DDR5 approaches the consumer market that packs cutting-edge access speed and high-density 16Gbit modules, Kingston has also promised “stride to stride” solutions to accommodate Intel’s upcoming CPU and new chipset to harness the power of next-gen computing.

And I don’t expect Kingston to lose the crown anytime soon or in the near future unless DRAM can be made from another entirely new material?


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