Kingston Malaysia has officially announced the new NV1 entry-level PCIe SSD with an affordable price tag.

Kingston NV1

Revealed in a minimalistic fashion, it features read/write speeds of up to 2,100/ and 1,700MB/s while emitting less heat by consuming less power due to it using the PCIe 3.0 standards. As it is trying to strike a high price-to-performance ratio, it needs no additional flairs to show that it is capable of performing to the requirements of all casual use cases.

Available in 3 different capacity numbers, the NV1 is officially priced as follows and available for purchase through local dealers and online platforms.

  • 500GB: RM269
  • 1TB: RM489
  • 2TB: RM939

Additionally, Kingston is having its 2021 Summer Sale until June 18 right now where purchases of any 480GB or above SSD within the KC600 and NV1 models will be accompanied by a free sanitizer spray and 1 piece of the Kingston x CSD Face Mask.


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