Kingston as expected is your king of SSDs for last year as they win it again with overwhelming force.

TrendForce Kingston SSD Shipment 2021

Accounted for 26% of the total 127 million units shipped last year quoted from TrendForce‘s tabulated data, the annual growth rate saw itself at 11% in terms of global distribution channels.

Utilizing its multi-decade connection with partners and proper business strategy, it managed to hop onto the train of growing demands for gaming SSDs particularly the M.2 NVMe type running the latest PCIe 4.0 protocol and at the same time when SATA SSDs are getting cheaper and more competitive against the mechanical counterpart.

Kingston attributed the addition of KC3000 and FURY Renegade as some of their best sellers due to the great balance between performance and price on top of perfect compatibility with both desktops and laptops.


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