Kingston, as expected and to nobody’s surprise, continues to dominate the chart of “Top 3rd Party DRAM Module Supplier” for 2022.

Kingston DRAM Market Share Top 10 Chart for 2022

Retaining the number 1 spot with 78.12% market share on USD13.5 Billion revenue, the overall YoY figure boiled down to a -4.6% across the industry thus leading to a slight decrease in the actual numbers but Kingston still sits on the throne.

Despite inflation causing the purchasing power of consumers towards electronic products to drop, the brand is capable of limiting the damage through its robust line of products. Kingston also attributed the FURY Beast DDR5 and Renegade DDR5 memory modules plus the introduction of white-colored kits as one of the reasons why customers continue to line up their black or full white PC rigs with their DRAM offerings.


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