KLEVV has announced a brand new set of high-capacity DDR5 RAM for fellow PC users who demand such a high volume of memory for their workload.

KLEVV DDR5 High Capacity and Non Binary Kits

Available under the CRAS V RGB, CRAS XR5 RGB, and BOLT V DDR5 series, the new numbers target the 64GB (2x32GB) and non-binary 48GB (2x24GB) to cater all the increased requirements of heavier productivity apps and triple-A games of this year and beyond.

With up to 8000MT/s speed provided by the CRAS V RGB and CRAS XR5 RGB family, the kits seek no compromise in capacity and performance.

As for the KLEVV DDR5 U-DIMM series, it also gets a 48GB (2x24GB) option as well.

For the unaware, non-binary RAM just means that it doesn’t follow the usual 8->16->32->64 numeric scaling and instead, mixes different memory chip capacities which are often offered at a lower price point.


All the new 48GB and 64GB DDR5 RAM kits from KLEVV will be shipped globally starting this month but still, consult your local distributor for actual availability in your country.


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