Kingston’s gaming division HyperX has just announced its brand ambassador program HyperX Heroes is joined by another 25 global influencers.

HyperX Ambassadors

Comprised of a diverse group of worldwide celebrities, the program aims to bring together popular musicians, all-star athletes, professional esports teams, and well-known streamers to capture the HyperX core belief – WE’RE ALL GAMERS. The HyperX Heroes began last year designed to connect gaming fans across different regions and cultures. Originally, comprising talents such as Post Malone, Gordon Hayward, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pokimane, Daigo, and Rush, the campaign even secured a primetime television spot during NBA playoffs and finals on ABC and ESPN.

While our physical distance has been made further due to the pandemic, the seeking of online gaming and entertainment has been increasingly more popular over the few months. Through the expansion of more brand ambassadors to represent and unite gamers worldwide, HyperX is committed to continuing their efforts to inspire, interact, and recognize individuals in the gaming community through virtual streams and in-person events. Members of the HyperX Heroes program exclusively use HyperX gaming products and receive the Heroes treatment, including an illustration depicting their personal gaming persona.

Below shows the list of every active brand ambassador as of now.

HyperX Ambassadors List

Visit the HyperX Heroes page for more information.


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