We got the chance to review Kingston’s Chinese Zodiac USB products with the last year being the tiger. This year is the rabbit’s debut so let me share with you how it looks as a retail unit.

Kingston Year of the Rabbit USB 1

The packaging Kingston went for this year ditches the soda can and instead went for a healthy alternative as a clear “bottle of carrot juice”. The transparent container reveals the cute drive sitting in the middle snuggly.

Kingston Year of the Rabbit USB 4

The drive is as authentic and cute as the render as the bunny holds a piece of carrot with its mouth while the drive camouflages its ears with a golden accent.

Kingston Year of the Rabbit USB 5

A simple capacity indicator on the back in case you forgot about it.

Kingston Year of the Rabbit USB 6

Upon pulling the drive off, the rabbit immediately loses its spirit and now looks like a soulless blob. The actual drive is still the same as the Mini Tiger and Mini Cow though – gold-painted and a piece of handle molded in the shape of the animal’s given body part.

Kingston Year of the Rabbit USB 9

Specs-wise, it uses the usual USB 3.2 Gen 1 protocol delivering up to 200MBps read speed. So as a collector’s item, this is pretty easy to get into especially if you factor in the price at just RM99 (Although it is RM10 more expensive than the previous models). But hey, it’s cute so perhaps it is worth a piece of purple paper money in your wallet.


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