Intel Is Preparing To Launch a Dual-Core CPU for the X299 1

Looks like Kabylake-X isn’t the only thing ‘new’ you can expect from Intel after the being hit hard by AMD, as according to a discussion in an AMD discussion board on Baidu, an undisclosed tech related website from Sweden leaked photos of the Intel Core i3-7360X. 

Intel Is Preparing To Launch a Dual-Core CPU for the X299 3
Here’s a comparison for the i3-7360X (left) and i3-7350K (right)
The supposed Intel Core i3-7360X is a prototype i3 dual-core processor. The leaked photos shows that the i3-7360X is bigger in size and comes with a thicker PCB compared to the i3-3750K, which is clear enough to know that it is made for the X299 chipset motherboards.
According to the leaker, the i3-7360X will be a HEDT alternative to the i3-7350K. It is stated that it will be 100MHz (1.25%) faster than the i3-7350K, which its turbo clock is expected to be 4.3GHz and a surprisingly high TDP of 112W.
Price wise, the i3-7360X is expected to be priced around 1699 RMB (approximately 220USD). 
(Source: Baidu, videocardz)

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