Innodisk has joined the NVIDIA GTC 2024 convention to showcase its line of solutions involving edge AI products.

NVIDIA GTC Innodisk Edge AI Solution

Using NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories suite of technologies, one of the demo products, the EV2U-SGR1 which is a low-light USB camera module, is able to overcome dim and weak lighting conditions in a given environment thanks to the unique specifications of the lens plus the 3 “Auto As” as in Auto Focus, Auto Exposure, and Auto White Balance that produces a clear and detailed output feasible for quality inspection.

The application doesn’t stop in the production line but also the entire operations covering safety and security for a more comprehensive and accurate factory monitoring that is smarter than ever before.

Innodisk also attributed NVIDIA’s help in the development of its edge AI solutions via NVIDIA AI Enterprise which includes the TAO Toolkit for model training, NVIDIA Triton Inference SErver for deploying and management of the models, and DeepStream SDK for AI inferencing. The entire stack is packaged as microservices that can be controlled with REST-APIs.

Aside from that, they also set up some industrial components like SSDs, memory products, and expansion modules that focus on durability and adaptability.

If you happen to be there at GTC 2024, be sure to visit Booth 338 for more on-the-spot demonstrations.


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