HUAWEI is introducing a slew of exclusive educational video series on their online video streaming service – HUAWEI Video. All HUAWEI users can access the 300 freshly-made videos. The videos feature 22 trained and experienced experts in their individual fields, aimed to help viewers develop, sharpen, and master their capabilities in a wide range of areas, from academia to acting to sports.

No. Course/ Topic Course name Expert
1 UPSR Mathematics 5-Minute Tips to Achieve High Score in UPRS Mathematics Exam Hemarubini A/P Ramanathan
2 PT3 Science 5-Minute Tips to have fun and achieve high score in PT3 science Nurul Hazirah Binti Hamzah
3 SPM Sejarah 5-Minute Tips to achieve high score in SPM Sejarah Exam Jaya Prathap A/L Gunaseelan & Shankar A/L Kumberasamy
4 SPM Bahasa Malaysia 5-Minute Tips to score High in SPM Bahasa Melayu Exam T.Tamilarasi A/P M.Thambusamy & Hasni Bin Halim
5 University Programming 5 Minute Tips to master the basic skill of C++ programming T.S Khoh Wee How
6 Badminton 20 lessons with Goh Liu Ying to be a Badminton Master Goh Liu Ying
7 Futsal 20 lessons to make you a Futsal Field Superstar Syed Adney
8 Diving 20 lessons to become a safe and proficient Diving Explorer Ling Hua Wei
9 MMA 20 lessons to Learn Mixed Martial Art Peter Hugh Davis
10 Cycling 20 Lessons to ride like a professional Cyclist Fatehah Mustapa
Aldrian Yeo
11 Film Director 20 lessons to reveal the secrets of a Film Director Zulkarnain Azhar
12 Action Film 20 lessons to unveil the secrets behind Action Films Frank See
James Chung
Ali Arami Bin Adzahar
13 Director of Photography 20 lessons to master the art of filmmaking with your mobile phone Madnor Kassim
14 Production Designer 20 lessons to reveal the secrets of a Film Production Designer Rhine Ooi
Tam Khalid
Norela bt Ulis
15 Acting 20 lessons to know Sangeeta’s secrets in Acting Sangeeta Krishnasamy

Content catered for Malaysians

All HUAWEI users in Malaysia can access these 300 videos through HUAWEI Video on their devices. In choosing the content to be featured, HUAWEI took into consideration the relevance of the content in the Malaysian context, and shortlisted the top three areas that Malaysians have the most interest in, including on UPSR and SPM, the two most important examinations in Malaysia; acting courses for aspiring performers to hone their craft; and sports courses for those who love working out and outdoor activities. HUAWEI users can enjoy these videos anywhere, with a wealth of knowledge on their fingertips.

HUAWEI Video Aims to Become a Global Leader

With the aim of being a global leader in video distribution, HUAWEI Video is now available in over 20 countries, and has seen more than 150 million active users on the platform. HUAWEI Video is pre-installed in all HUAWEI smartphones and tablets.  Partnering with well-known partners such as BBC Studio, Daily Motion, Mediacorp, Mango TV, TVB, Astro, dimsum entertainment, Qello Concerts, The Explorers and more, HUAWEI Video offers you more than 10,000 hours of dramas and movies, 10 million short video clips and 20 categories of videos – namely movies, TV series, kids’ shows, documentaries, e-sport, sports, music, and education, just to name a few. Some videos are also available in hyper-sharp 4K resolution.

Get FREE Three Months’ Premium Access to HUAWEI Video

New HUAWEI users get to enjoy complimentary three months premium access* to designated channels on HUAWEI Video with purchase of the following products:

  • HUAWEI P40 Series
  • HUAWEI Nova 7 Series
  • HUAWEI MatePad Series
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