GTX 1050 Ti Photo and Benchmark Result Leaked 7
We’ve seen of the rumor and leaked specifications that suggests that NVIDIA is expected to launch both of its GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050, the much anticipated GPUs in the Pascal line up by this month. What we have here today is some leaked photos of the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti found on Chiphell, which seem to be the real deal.
GTX 1050 Ti Photo and Benchmark Result Leaked 8
According to the leaked benchmark, which we can expect the reference GTX 1050 Ti to feature a total of 768 CUDA Cores count, GPU clock of 1354 MHz and boost clock of 1468 MHz, a total of 4GB GDDR5 memory on 128-bit bus, with the memory which is clocked at 7GHz. 
While the GTX 1050 is rumored to not feature any PCIe power connector, we’re pretty sure that the AIB partners will be having their own design that might feature an extra 6pin PCIe power connector for a much higher GPU clock over the reference design, as well as more headroom for overclocking. 

GTX 1050 Ti Photo and Benchmark Result Leaked 9

Now we compare the leaked 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra result to a result done by the RX 460 in our lab and it’s clear that NVIDIA positioned the GTX 1050 Ti to fight against the RX 460 in the entry level gaming GPU market for MOBA and eSports titles, while the GTX 1050 that will be coming later after the GTX 1050 Ti might perform more or less the same as the RX 460.
(Source: Techreport

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