Graffiquo Asia Sdn Bhd, a provider of advanced geospatial technology solutions, has launched a new product aimed at transforming operations within the oil and gas sector. GIX for Oil & Gas Field Workers promises to streamline data capture, asset management, and reporting processes, offering potential efficiency and safety improvements for industry players.

GIX integrates features such as photogrammetry, data-driven maps, and mobile forms, empowering field workers to manage data seamlessly and make more informed decisions in real-time.

GIX Application Features
GIX Application Features

Graffiquo’s development efforts have been supported by key governmental agencies and ecosystem players. The company initially received a commercialization grant under the CIP300 program from Cradle Fund, which is under the Ministry of Finance, for their main platform, Graffiquo. Following this, Graffiquo obtained backing from the Collaborative Research and Development Fund (CRDF) Grant by the Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), for further commercialization activities and resources. Further support came from the Malaysian Petroleum Resource Corporation (MPRC) through the OGSE Development Grant, under the Ministry of Economy, specifically for the development of their spinoff mobile application, GIX.

Additionally, Graffiquo Asia is part of the MRANTI MYSTI program, an initiative by the government to boost the commercialization of locally developed R&D products and services for domestic and international markets. Products and services certified under MySTI will be listed in the MySTI Inventory and prioritized in government procurement. Graffiquo Asia is also part of the Petronas FutureTech 2.0 program, which aims to nurture technology startups and drive digital transformation within the oil and gas industry.

Graffiquo Google PlayStore
Graffiquo Google PlayStore

Graffiquo is also a proud partner of the Organisation for International Economic Relations (OiER) and the United Nations’ Centre of Excellence for United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) program, supporting Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG11). This partnership showcases Graffiquo’s global commitment to advancing smart and sustainable urban development through its 3D visualization platform.

George Tang, founder of Graffiquo Asia
George Tang, founder of Graffiquo Asia

George Tang, founder of Graffiquo Asia, expressed appreciation for the support received from the Ministry of Finance, MOSTI, the Ministry of Economy, Cradle Fund, MTDC, MPRC, MRANTI, and Petronas, highlighting the importance of such funding and acknowledgement in driving innovation. “GIX represents a significant step forward in improving efficiency, safety, and decision-making processes for oil and gas companies,” Tang stated.



In addition to its focus on the oil and gas sector, Graffiquo Asia is exploring partnerships with ministries in Malaysia to contribute to the realization of Digital Malaysia Cities. With a commitment to sustainability and smart urban development, Graffiquo aims to support the government’s vision for a digitally integrated nation.

Founded by George Tang and Sean Baptist (co-founder), Graffiquo Asia has gained recognition as a player in the geospatial technology sector, catering to the needs of city planners, project owners, and various industries.

As Graffiquo Asia continues to expand its presence globally, the company remains dedicated to advancing smart and sustainable urban initiatives. With technology at its core and a vision aligned with global sustainability goals, Graffiquo aims to make a positive impact on the geospatial analytics market.

Graffiquo Asia’s success story is a testament to the Malaysian government’s commitment to fostering technological innovation and supporting startups. The company’s journey from initial grants to advanced commercialization showcases how strategic governmental support can drive industry-leading advancements.


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