FuturE2D, an educational brand designed by Digital Education Institute (DEI) from Institute for Information Industry (III) will be joining this year’s 2018 Edition of the 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE) at the Nangang Exhibition from March 27th to 30th for its smart education exhibition, the “FuturE2D: Learning Beyond City“.

FuturE2D Smart City Summit & Expo 2018 (1) Jointly organized by TCA and Institute for Information Industry (III), FuturE2D will be presenting a different situations and solutions in Smart Education. 50+ oversea principals, specialists, and officials are expected to join its International Forum.

The exhibition will be covering major topics relating to the development of intelligent cities which span early childhood education, K-12 education, adult and continuing education, youth entrepreneurship, lifelong education, unleashing potential, educational environments, and social innovation, offering you comprehensive solutions through an interactive experience approach.

FuturE2D Smart City Summit & Expo 2018 (3)

The 10 topics which will be covered this year includes:

  • Build up Smart Campus: Advancing the smart campus industry and leading the world in innovative education development.
  • Design Interactive Learning Contents: Transforming education through artificial intelligence to boost learning efficiency.
  • Narrow the Gap between Urban and Rural Areas : Using ICT implementation for distance education.
  • Enabling Teachers for Creativities: Nurturing a new generation of technology educators.
  • Special Education Inspirational Learning: Enabling people to discover their limitless potential through the power of technology.
  • Learning Interests for Seniors: Slowing mental decline, preventing dementia, and improving the quality of life of seniors.
  • Reduce Unemployment: ICT and digital skills for better job opportunities.
  • Salary Increases: Developing high-level interdisciplinary workers, increasing the wages of young people.
  • Startup Incubation: Establishing a strategic co-creation paradigm to help youth entrepreneurship.
  • Social Innovation Acceleration: Help organizations to create value through defining or revising their Corporate Social Responsibility.

FuturE2D Smart City Summit & Expo 2018 (2)

FuturE2D also will featuring CCLMS, a key management system in the M-learning project of Taipei City Department of Education. CCLMS can help teachers to bring out the effects of M-learning, produce elite model lesson plans , and share teaching molds.

Education is the foundation for developing intelligent cities, and education services encompass an extensive process of holistic growth. Technological advancements are continuing to accelerate our ability to optimize the quality of education services, and these advancements can be quickly copied and disseminated, ultimately leading to more effective, efficient, and beneficial education services.


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