This is the 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo. If you haven’t heard about it before, then make sure you hear about it right now – because it’s an important event. The things that are exhibited here will probably end up somewhere in your daily routine, improving your quality of life.


The 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo has a total of 210 exhibitors and 2,050 booths. For any sort of “smart city” expos, this is the largest in the world right now. In the 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo, it is oriented towards B2B, and showcases IoT solutions that are tailored to clients’ needs. That includes your household appliances, gadgets, automotive, and perhaps even some other public property like lamp posts.

It’s a fascinating event where the marriage of specific and specialized hardware and software come together to perform certain tasks that are beneficial to the users and the community.

Here are a few highlights from the participating exhibitors.

Highlights On Interesting Smart Technologies

Among the 210 exhibitors and 2,050 booths present at the 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo, here are some of the smart technologies that really caught our interests.

ASUS Life AiNurse

ASUS, the brand which is renown for its PC components, laptops and mobile phone is present at the hall under a different name – ASUS Life.

Established back in 2016, ASUS Life is responsible for the development and operation of precision medical products. It utilizes ASUS cloud platform in the development of PhenoFinder and OmniCare products to improve the quality of the healthcare industry.


Here at 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo, ASUS Life is showcasing its latest collaboration with IBM Watson, the AiNurse virtual care robots. The AiNurse enables a personalized experience that is based on a patient’s condition using sensory devices attached to their body. The information collected from the patient is then stored in a smart medical database for future reference.

Patients can interact with the AiNurse via voice control, ASUS Zenbo or texts for requests or to report any kind abnormality. The collected information is then processed to assists healthcare provider to interact with patients instantly and provide care services in a timely manner.

Acer Smart Parking System

Not to be surprised, but Acer isn’t here to show us any of their new laptops. At 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo, Acer is showcasing their smart parking system instead. There are a few distinct features in their smart parking system.

Taipei-Smart-City-Summit-Expo-2018-1Firstly, it can detect if the parking space is occupied. This is quite a basic feature and Acer knows it. That’s why they’ve also included a license plate capturing system. After that, it even detects how long the vehicle has been parked there.

Imagine a scenario where you enter a public parking space that has to be paid hourly. The parking space already indicated to you which parking spot is available. Once you’ve parked, the smart parking system captures your license plate. Then, you walk out of the car and do whatever it is that you’re doing.

After a few hours, you forgot where your car is. You launch the app on your phone, find back the location where you’ve parked, and went into the car. How about the parking fee? Well, why not pay online since the smart parking system knows how long the vehicle was parked?

In case of theft and the car is stolen, you can even know where and when the car was driven out of the parking spot. When the stolen car is parked somewhere else, you can detect where it is parked too.

There are lots more features that can be added to improve the quality of life for the users and Acer’s smart parking system is heading in the right direction.

LiteOn Smart City Management System

Surprisingly, LiteOn is actually the world’s number 1 WiFi module manufacturer for surveillance cameras. They’ve also developed something special to be showcased.

LiteOn developed a smarter public surveillance closed-circuit television camera systems to detect accidents. If there is a camera detected an accident, then it will automatically lodge a report. Once the appropriate government bodies are alerted, ambulances and police can assist.

It can even have smart sensors scattered around the city. These sensors can send data to alert data centers, so that they can analyze for natural disasters like floods or storms. If these sensors are installed in buildings, it can even notify the firefighters if a fire breaks out. Pretty smart.

Lamp posts can be smartened up too. If a street only has one or two cars passing by per hour, then there’s no need for the light to be functioning at full brightness all the time. Why not conserve some energy and dim it? Perhaps dim it down to only 30% brightness. When a car crosses the street, then the brightness will turn it back up.

Final Thoughts

We’re really looking forward to see more implementation of smart city solutions in the near future, but implementing smart solution for smart city transformation requires a good platform, collaboration from government institution and citizens. A proper evaluation system and proof of concept is required in order to properly setup the smart city ecosystem, as some implementation might work for Asian countries, but not suitable for the rest.

All in all, the 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo is truly an eye opening experience for us. As we barely see any real-life implementation of IoT and its relevant smart solutions, the exhibition allows us to take proper look into how these technology really benefits us in the future.


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