Hello ladies and gentlemen! This is Jack from Tech-Critter bringing you coverage of Malaysia IT Fair held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (29th~31st August 2014).

Making my way towards the exhibition centre , I could already feel the subtle excitement in the air , and just like my initial predictions , you could tell just from the entrance that the event was jam packed as usual.
Right off the bat, before even entering the exhibition hall, I could see a bunch of great deals listed by the entrance ranging from pendrives, powerbanks, external hard-drives etc. From the banner, it seems like attendees of the events might get a chance to meet Kaspersky’s current ambassador and famous musician Jay Chou!
Upon entering the main hall , I immediately see a large Kaspersky booth filled with helpful promoters. Seems like Kaspersky was one of the major spotlight for this time’s Malaysia IT fair, a quick check on the internet later, it shows that Kaspersky was in fact one of the sponsors that made this event possible.
Moving on, I made my way to hall 1, and at a glance it seems like most of the booths here were from a major tech companies including Acer, Lenovo, Western Digital, Hewlett-Packard, Seagate just to name a few. Due to the placement of the booths, competition was stiff between them, with enthusiastic promoters from said companies trying their to win the hearts and minds of the attendees.
Next, I reached the Gaming Station organized by Jayacom Information Sdn Bhd. They offered gaming peripherals from Logitech, Razer and Cooler Master. They also had an incredibly cute mascot that people were immediately attracted to.
Props to them for also having most of said brands’ flagship products on display so that attendees could get a feel of them and figure out which one they like best.Naturally, the products were also had a very nice discount attached.
Assorted Logitech Mices 
Assorted Logitech Keyboards 
Assorted Cooler Master Keyboards 
Razer Blade Laptops 
Assorted Razer Mices 
They also had a mini gaming station powered by Logitech that gathered up quite the crowd.
Close to it, I immediately saw a MSI booth filled with gaming laptops , from low to high end , suitable for anyone’s needs. And like the previous booth , they also had a mini station.
Booth was filled with a cheerful feeling 
Gaming station running Street Fighter X Tekken 
One of their latest G-series laptops 
MSI’s 15″ g-series of gaming laptops 
One of the promoters present at the booth
Next stop , the Garmin booth , one of the leaders in Global Positioning Systems , the booth showcased their advanced yet trendy looking GPS systems. Assistants that would be glad to answer my questions could also be found there.
Display units of said GPS 
Promoters of said booth 
After that , I stumbled across another booth organized by Jayacom Information Sdn Bhd, this time offering pc hardware and peripherals from Gigabyte, AMD and Thermaltake.
I also happened to found another Kaspersky booth in Hall 1 , selling their reliable antivirus software at a eye catching price.
Last but not least, another booth worth checking out before exiting Hall 1 is the I-Rocks booth. They had a sweet combo deal with all the peripherals including a mouse, a keyboard (a review of their i-Rocks K10 keyboard done by us can be found here) and a headset all under one sweet price. An energetic Crystal Maiden from Dota 2 who apparently has a fondness for Team Liquid can be found supporting them.
That should be everything that is worth checking out within Hall 1 , apologies in advanced if I missed anything.

Upon exiting Hall 1, I was greeted with a small stage where we could meet Jay Chou himself, but unfortunately I missed the time frame for that. What I did get to see was a friendly clown performing magic tricks and also the finals for a Dota 2 1 vs 1 mid competition.

Moving on to Hall 2, it seemed like the perfect hall for attendees who weren’t searching for anything specific. While there, you could find all sorts of nice deals for phone accessories, power banks, pen drives, home appliances, network etc. I did however find some hidden gems stashed in here including the Edifier booth, the Magicscan booth (review of their portable scanner coming soon) and also a booth that had a Makerbot 3D printer on display.

Last but not least , I made my way towards Hall 3 where booths for all the phone carriers, internet service providers, and banks were located.Maxis, Digi, Yes, TM, Citibank, UOB and pretty much any company that I had in mind had booths there. All of them offered lucrative deals and packages for the attendees.

By the exit of hall 3, there were booths two very interesting booths selling smartphones that seem to have very solid build quality. The two brands happen to go by the name of IPRO and Alcatel , they offer premium feeling phones at a very low price. After doing some research it seems that IPRO originated from China while Alcatel is a joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent of France and TCL Communication of China. I will definitely be keeping track of said brands.
“Bringing IT closer to you” was what Malaysia IT Fair set out to achieve and I dare say it was perfectly executed. Overall the event that spanned over three days was a major success, I would definitely attend it again if the chance is given. Once again this has been Jack bringing you event coverage of Malaysia IT Fair, stay tuned for anything and everything tech related right here at Tech-Critter. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!

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