We’ve dropped by Cooler Master’s booth over at Computex 2015 recently. They’ve released a bunch of products with a whole new concept, based on the roots of this company; The Maker Spirit. Being one of the most unique booths in Computex 2015 as you can see it’s mostly based on the whole DIY concept.
A drink maker using a computer case? Yes! Powered by the typical components that you can find on a standard PC, and Arduino (the little blue board), packed in a Cooler Master MasterCase 5. Not only you can perform your basic computing task, or even gaming, you can make some cocktails while waiting for your next round of Dota 2.
Right beside the BarMixer V3 (the drink maker we’ve mentioned earlier), we can see a 3D printing machine. Since this time around, Cooler Master tries to embody the spirit of DIY, or case modding, so a 3D printing machine would definitely spice up the atmosphere. Here also we can see that someone is operating the 3D printing machine.
Case modding you say?
Cooler Master invited PC modders, Ron Lee Christianson (specializing in air brush painting) and also Lee Harrington (from pcjunkiemods.com) to do some live demonstration on modding.
Ron did an airbrush painting of the MasterCase 5 casing. Look neat doesn’t it? While Lee deal with power tools to cut of bits and pieces to mod the MasterCase.
Not only did they deal with the makers of the physical things (like PC modding, drink making or 3D printing) they’ve also invited Dave Cooper, an indie game developer to showcase one of his work in progress, dubbed the Blockships.
One of the rendering rigs showcased with the MasterCase 5, powered by the Nvidia Quadro card.
So, do you think you can beat the pro gamer, Lisa “shifty” Catino, in a quick round of CS:GO?
They also have the Oculus Rift in their booth as well! A realistic experience of river crafting and all the Indiana Jones advventure.
The winning rig for Cooler Master’s 2015 Case Mod competition is displayed here as well. It looks waaaaay cooler (pun intended) in real life. The winners did a good job 🙂
So, that’s it. Cooler Master’s very unique Computex 2015 booth setup right here. We’ll be looking forward to what the MasterCase series casing has to offer when it comes to Malaysia.