Renowned gaming keyboard manufacturer Ducky has announced that some of its offerings will be put to sleep, at least for the time being.

Ducky Keyboard Production Halt

Announced through its official Discord server, due to the global chip shortage, production for the following keyboard models will be halted temporarily.

  • One 2 RGB Full Size
  • One 2 RGB Full Size Pudding Edition
  • One 2 RGB TKL
  • One 2 RGB TKL Pudding Edition
  • One 2 RGB Pure White TKL
  • Shine 7

Given that these models are some of its most popular offerings sought after by gamers around the world and continuous production has finally made them came across the chip shortage issue and be stopped until the whole issue gets a practical fix on the global scale. It is also assumed that models not included in the lists are exempted from the halt treatment so you could still find other models in the market right now and perhaps in the short future as well.

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