Discord has apparently ended acquisition talks with Microsoft that were previously made known during March and the answer is: No.

Discord 1

Citing reports from The Wall Street Journal, the USD10 billion acquisition offered by Microsoft has been turned down by the social app giant in favors of greenlighting its Initial Public Offering (IPO) and the decision also means that Discord will continue to stay independent and without any financial or expansion issues at hand as it sits at a current value of USD7 billion as of 2020 with over 300 million registered users utilizing the platform’s service to stay connected.

Over the years, Microsoft has been making big moves in multiple industries and is not afraid to plow in heavy funds to stay on top of its competitors. From acquiring 3rd party studios including Bethesda to taking a chance in getting TikTok’s US division after former US President Donald Trump’s ban on the app, Microsoft is also pouring great attention into securing titles for its Xbox Game Pass with examples such as Outriders and former Playstation exclusive MLB The Show 21 that further bumps up the value of the service that ultimately attracts more gamers to subscribe to it.

While acquisition talks have been concluded without any shift in ownership, similar things could still happen in the future with even higher numbers laid out on the table during negotiation sessions. Can Discord still be independent at that time? Tell us what you think!

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, GameInformer


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