Fancy a new small keyboard that you can carry around for your office and your home setup? Then perhaps try out the new darkFlash GD68.

darkFlash DK353 Mini

Utilizing the 65% layout, it basically skip the Function row and Numpad while cutting down the navigation cluster and maintaining the arrow keys.

The board itself is tri-mode with a 2.4G wireless dongle, Bluetooth support, and the usual USB-C wired connection provides power to the 1200mAh battery that can last up to 90 days with 2 hours of charge.

The K Yellow switch is a linear type switch while the keycaps are made of Doubleshot PBT for long durability and daily wear and tear resistance.

The package also comes with extra keycaps, a key/switch puller for swapping out those parts in case you want to have a bit of custom fun, and a dust cover for the neat freaks.

Price and Availability

Available in colors of Milky Brown and Starry Blue, snag a darkFlash GD68 for yourself over at the official Shopee link at RM149 starting today.


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