For anyone that is looking for an mATX case while on a budget, we actually have some sort of an exclusive here that we are excited to share with you. These are two mATX cases from Aigo, and they are the darkFlash DLM21 and DLM22.

Both of these cases share very similar frame and has more or less features, but both of them have very different aesthetic.

The DLM21 and DLM22 both has a hinged tempered glass. This is quite a rare feat to be found on PC cases, let alone on a budget case. The tempered glass itself snaps onto the frame of the chassis by a magnet and there is a pull tab for you to pull the side panel off.

Opening up the side panel reveals the case with a clean and spacious internal with sufficient cable management holes on the motherboard tray. There are two on the right side of the case and on the power supply shroud as well.

Aigo darkFlash DLM22

At the back of the motherboard tray, we find ample space for the power supply and its cables to be hidden. There is a single 3.5-inch HDD mount and two more 2.5-inch SSD mounts at here – plentiful for many of us.

Aigo darkFlash DLM22

For the DLM21, it reminds me of the Fractal Design’s Meshify cases but without the mesh. It still has the beautiful diamond facet cuts which I personally love. There is also a magnetic fan filter at the top of the case.

Aigo darkFlash DLM22

As for the DLM22, it has a much sleeker, minimalist design. It has a flat front panel and a very different case feet design compared to the DLM21.

At this point of time, we still do not have the price or availability of both the Aigo darkFlash DLM21 or DLM22 just yet, but we expect them to be at a really affordable price. Probably, it will be in the market some time in mid June.

We will update this page when we have more information regarding the DLM21 and DLM22.


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