Ladies and gentlemen behold. The legendary “hardware killer” is back as Crytek has released a teaser trailer for Crysis Remastered. After posting a rather cryptic tweet on Twitter, Crytek has finally revealed that the aged hardware killer is getting a remaster.

The original Crysis was released back in 2007 and was notoriously infamous for using a cutting-edge engine named CryEngine -which is ahead of its time but ended up stressing out most player’s rig that even puts enthusiasts level hardware to shame.


The remastered version has promised not only upscaled image quality but also a more flexible and bigger range of graphical settings to tweak around. Ray-tracing will also be available for those who really want to test out their rigs if it could run Crysis or not.

As it was a teaser, only platforms are listed alongside the big “COMING SOON” with no actual dates as of now. Surprisingly, the Nintendo Switch will be sharing the pie together for the first time for the Crysis series.

Well if a Switch could run it, I bet a 10-year-old rig would be able to run it as well. I guess it is finally time to put the “but can it run Crysis?” meme to rest. Seriously, the Nintendo Switch isn’t that powerful.

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