Today is the day where Cooler Master Malaysia’s qualifier round for the Regional Circle of Champions is happening. But what is it really about? We got a chance to interview with the Juan “Sanko” Chong, the guy who handles marketing for Cooler Master.

A brief introduction about Juan Chong himself – he has been in the overclocking industry previously and was – and still is – regarded as one of the legends until this day. Old timers from the yesteryears will know him from just looking at his face or listening to his voice. He also managed a LAN party while he was working with the previous company – and everyone is still sharing pictures taken on that LAN party and saying that it’s the “best event ever”.

Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions Qualifiers (Malaysia)
Juan “Sanko” Chong, our interviewee of the day. He’s camera shy.

Without further ado, here is the information we got.

What is the Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions about?

The main objective of the event is to have a cross-region gaming activity, which we have never done before. The idea was being discussed between me and a colleague I respect a lot – Sashank Bhandaru, Marketing and Branding Manager, Cooler Master India after the NVIDIA Gamer Connect @ Hyderabad where Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT) made an appearance. We initiated the Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions together with guidance from Mineski Events Team (MET) Malaysia. There are 3 other countries participating in this event – Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Cooler Master local representative of the mentioned countries decided to join the ‘party’ because the event objective is in-line with what they wanted for their country.

Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions Qualifiers Countries

This program is fully organized by Cooler Master only and it is meant to promote the whole gaming community itself instead of only the eSports scene. By “gaming community” here we meant that the players can be professional or amateurs – you’re in the community if you share the same passion for PC gaming. And that is why there’s no prize-pool being offered, even for the Grand Finals. We sincerely hope that participants will enjoy the event from a different angle.

What is the Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions aiming to achieve?

It is actually very simple. We want to be the host of a gathering for people who shares the same interest, providing them a ‘venue’ to share their passion and interest. It is really different when a group of like-minded people gathers together. They got the opportunity to talk in topics where their group of friends may not understand. Cooler Master is always there for the gaming community, just in a rather different way.

Note: Looking back at Juan “Sanko” Chong’s previous style of organizing events, he always focus on the gathering of a community. He organized the ASUS LAN party from a few years ago and people are still sharing pictures saying that the event was the best LAN party they’ve ever attended. There’s also the MasterClackers Keyboard MeetUp that happened in March 2017.

I would like to take this opportunity to make a shout out to ZOTAC Malaysia for taking up the baton for organizing LAN Party for PC Hardware lover.

Of all the games available, why PUBG?

PUBG is one of the game that we think is suitable for this event and its objective. With 80 players coming together and playing one game, in one map. All are playing together at one go.

Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions Qualifiers (Malaysia)
Battle Arena is a big fan of PUBG themselves too.

What is the mechanics and agenda of this tournament?

There will be a total of 20 teams qualifying to the Grand Finals, taking place in Battle Arena, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on 21 July 2018. 6 teams from Malaysia (host country) will qualify to the Grand Finals.

Cooler Master Sponsored Teams:

  • Ashley ‘SummerAsh’ Khoo
  • The Face Gaming
  • Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT)
  • Team Diamond
  • Female Fighters (FFgaming) (Indonesia)
  • Team nxl> (Indonesia)

Direct Invite:

  • Gank.Fty
  • Lapar Esports
  • Redsea MP Esports
  • TGC.MML Esports

There will also be a Gala Dinner at Best Western, Petaling Jaya, on the 20 July 2018 where the teams will be staying as well. The Gala Dinner will be more like an icebreaker for all of the 20 teams get to know each other. To grow the community bigger is to grow a larger network of people despite living in other countries. There will also be lucky draws to win Cooler Master prizes during the gala dinner.

The tournament day is on the 21 July 2018. Cooler Master will be giving out some swag to all participants and early birds. Players will be provided with lunch and chicken dinner (yes, that’s a pun).

On the 22nd July 2018, the teams will be flown back to their home countries.

Can the teams extend their stay in Malaysia?

Before that, Cooler Master is providing an allowance to let them experience Malaysia on their own sweet time. They can always use Grab to visit anywhere they want. It will be a 3-day stay but those who want to extend they can do so as well.

As a point to add on, LXG – the premium eSports arena in India – is taking this opportunity to visit and learn from Mineski by visiting their HQ and see how Mineski is operating here in Malaysia. They will also be visiting Battle Arena as it is one of the more unique eSports arena here in Malaysia.

Why is Cooler Master Malaysia doing this?

Cooler Master has always been in the PC hardware market – even in the gaming industry with their peripherals. This event is an opportunity to show that Cooler Master is still here and supporting the local gaming scene. For example, Cooler Master was there for Cyberfusion 2017. Then MBT was brought over by Cooler Master to Hyderabad, India to duke it out in Overwatch during NVIDIA Gamer Connect 2017. Recently Cooler Master Malaysia sponsored The Face Gaming.

Cooler Master is also supporting communities like MBT. They’re not exactly an eSports team but a group of players who can stream, play games, or work in the IT industry.

We saw Nimo TV is on the poster – what is their contribution?

Thanks to Nimo TV, as they’re sponsoring casters from Thailand, India, and Indonesia to come here over to Malaysia. The purpose here is for these casters to cast the live stream in their own mother tongue by using Battle Arena’s equipment.

Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions Qualifiers (Malaysia)
Introducing Ivan “Jinn” See

Ivan “Jinn” See is the caster for the recently concluded regional qualifiers of Singapore & Malaysia. He will be the main caster for the Grand Finals. While Ivan “Jinn” See will be casting at the main stage, other casters mentioned above will be provided with streaming pods for their own casting effort.

Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions Qualifiers (Malaysia)
One of the 10 streamer pods available in Battle Arena.

On a side note, these streamer pods are quite versatile too. The name of these rooms are self-explanatory, where gamers and streamers can go in and live stream their gameplay as well. We can see Jinn here having a great time in his streaming pod.

Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions Qualifiers (Malaysia)

We would like to thank Juan “Sanko” Chong for this opportunity to gain an insight into Cooler Master’s direction in the gamer scene.

Visit the Cooler Master Regional Circle of Champions website here to learn more about the event.

Remember to drop by Battle Arena at Jaya Shopping Center on the 21st July 2018 to witness the Regional Circle of Champions Grand Final!


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