Cooler Master has been working closely with the end users and makers, aka its Maker Ecosystem since its announcement of a new direction back in Computex 2015. Just so you know, the Maker Ecosystem consists not only the PC modders and PC enthusiasts who wanted the best for their system, but also the gamers and keyboard enthusiasts who takes the peripherals we’re using everyday to a whole different level.
The MasterClacker Keyboard MeetUp 2017 isn’t the first keyboard enthusiasts gathering in Malaysia, but we would say that it’s definitely one of the biggest to date. We can see that Cooler Master really takes the feedback from these gamers and enthusiasts very seriously in order to improve the quality of their product, as they have specifically mentioned that participants are allowed to bring ANY brand of mechanical keyboard to share the love with the community.
The event venue is located at Yellow Apron, Section 13, Petaling Jaya and there’s a total of 70 participants from different states and countries (Japan, Singapore) has specifically made themselves available just for this event. Many of the participant came with a different goal of their own; to  learn more about mechanical keyboards, getting advice from the pros for their first mechanical keyboard, get to know more friends, etc.
The event is started with a welcome speech to the participants by the representatives from Cooler Master Malaysia, Juan Chong and a brief introduction on Cooler Master’s upcoming peripherals by Senior Channel Marketing of Cooler Master, Julien Wang.
Media partners interviewing one of the proud owner of a custom mechanical keyboard. There are enthusiasts who is willing to go to the extend of spending an unimaginable amount of fund to go for a custom build mechanical keyboard.
There’s also a test station that is specially prepared by MSI Malaysia for the participants who wanted to experience the MasterKeys that is on display or perhaps the keyboard from other participants in a more practical way.
Participants showing off their keyboards and keycaps collection set to the crowd, something which they’re really proud of.
Mingling session where participants discuss about their experience with the keyboard they have, sharing tips, source of some rare keycaps and keycaps set, taking photos for their social media sharing, etc.
There are even participant who brought his IBM Model M buckling spring keyboard to the event to share his love for this old but gold keyboard with the other participants.
Retro Vintage classical typewriter Steampunk keycaps spotted on one of the Royal Kludge RK61 60% layout keyboard from one of the participant who wanted to share his love for 60% layout and his unique keycaps set.
Last but not least, the one of a kind, unique artisan keycaps can be seen on some of the keyboards from the participants who is really into the artisan keycaps collection.
It wouldn’t be fun if there’s no giveaway for such wonderful event, so Cooler Master and participating partners has some special prize for the participants which includes a premium artisan keycap by Jelly Key from, USB cable with a life-time warranty from and some of the yet to be released MasterKeys that comes with 1.5mm thick PBT keycaps and it’s from the well-known Costar Electronics that made the Filco Masjestouch series, Das Keyboard 3, WASD V1, etc.
That sums up for the Cooler Master MasterClacker Keyboard MeetUp 2017 and special thanks to Cooler Master Malaysia, StoreUni participating Media Partners from,,,, Anas Abdullah from Nerd Gaming Malaysia for some of his awesome photos, Team MBT, and of course, you, the participants who made themselves available during this weekend to make this event a great one.