Cooler Master announced the development of a co-branded racing simulator together with GTR Simulator, the GTA-F Cooler Master Edition. It’s designed to be the ultimate gaming rig, which enables the user to go from work to play in a matter of seconds.

Made from premium alloy steel, the GTA-F Cooler Master Edition features a fully adjustable frame and first-rate racing seat designed to support racers of every size and sustain the constant strain of full-body maneuvers. With adjustable points, users can fine-tune their seat, monitor height and distance to the steering wheel/keyboard mount for maximum comfort during long hours of crunching numbers or training for 24 hours of Le Mans.

GTA-F Cooler Master Edition GTR Simulator Racing Rig

With support for up to three curved or flat monitors of 30 to 36 inches and a single monitor of 50 inches, the GTA-F provides an immersive experience while smashing the gas pedal and cranking the wheel in the latest racing simulator. A dedicated case base of 442.03mm by 344.11mm is included as part of the structure to bring the PC off the floor and make all ports easily accessible.

Included with the GTA-F Cooler Master Edition are two quick-release work and play decks that can easily be removed and stowed away while the other is in use. Mounted to the rig via a swivel-mount, the keyboard and mouse tray enable PC Gaming and everyday computer work with Cooler Master’s peripherals of choice. When Keyboard and Mouse are not the tool of choice, a pre-drilled control mounting deck will support a number of steering wheel controls on the market.

A GTR Simulator and Cooler Master, co-branded, steering wheel and pedal are planned for release in early 2020.


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