Cooler Master might be a little late to the RGB game in the beginning, but they’re getting better at it now, especially with its new ARGB lighting enabled products. Besides RGB light bars and case fans, adding RGB lighting to your custom water cooling is now possible, thanks to AK MOD’s creative add-on to hard tubing. You can now decide RGB or switch up the color of the coolant any time without the mess.

How To Get It

Since everyone has their own preference for tube length when it comes to custom water cooling setup, the only way for you to get the ARGB Tube Mod is to send in the measurement of your design to Cooler Master for a tailor-made tube bracket for your system.

Do note that the current design is only available for straight tubing and it is recommended to use with white colored coolant for the best ARGB lighting effect.

Cooler Master x AK MOD ARGB Tube Mod HowTo

The ARGB tube bracket is now available for order at $19.99 USD for standard length of 5-15cm and an additional surcharge of $10.00 USD for extra long at the length of 15-30cm.

To learn more about the Cooler Master x AK MOD ARGB Tube Mod, kindly visit the official CM Store (APAC) at the following link


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