Every year at Computex, Cooler Master is one of those brands that will show off a bunch of new things that are up in their arsenal. This year is no different as Cooler Master shows off a few new cases, a new PSU with a screen that shows some status indicators, a new headset that is comfortable yet sounds fantastic, a new oblong-shaped tube of thermal paste, and also a Peltier concept cooler.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

This is the new Cosmos C700M that offers a different top and front panel. The features are still the same as the C700P, but this time with another special trope – that is the motherboard’s rear I/O can be pointed downwards and the graphics card can be mounted at some unusual location. There are some leeway in the positioning of the graphics card too.

There are also two RGB LED strips that run across the entire front panel. They’re powered by pogo pins located at the bottom of the front panel. If you need more airflow, then just take them off – it’s easy to do so.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500M

The new Cooler Master MasterCase H500M comes with 200mm addressable RGB fans to make the case bling. It now has a tempered glass front and top panel with a considerable gap between the fans and the glass. However, the front I/O panel is made out of glossy plastic – beware of fingerprint marks.

Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M

This is actually a rather unique looking case. The entire SL600M is made out of aluminium and it’s sturdy as heck. However, the front and back are completely sealed off and the power supply is actually mounted behind the front panel.

To cool your components inside the MasterCase SL600M, there will be 2x 200mm fans at the bottom as intakes and exhausts at the top. Since the airflow is only from bottom to top, the GPU and CPU cooler will have to be mounted in this specific way. to ensure airflow is not obstructed. If there isn’t enough airflow at the top, the aluminium panel can be taken out too.

Cooler Master MasterBox K500P

The brand new addition to the MasterBox series is the K500P which is positioned to be the in the high-end range. It has a mesh front panel with 3x addressable RGB fans and the top panel has mesh too. At the side it has tempered glass – and you can see there’s another RGB LED strip on the PSU shroud. It’s something unique that the K500P has.

New MasterBox MB510L/MB511/MB520/MB530P

These 4 new cases in the MasterBox lineup shares the same frame – however the panels do differ quite a bit.

The MB510L is a case with edge-to-edge acrylic side panel and a carbon fiber look at the front panel. There are two large slits at the front panel to let the fans breathe.

The MB511 is using the same design as the MB510L but instead of having a carbon fiber look, the MB511 has mesh for more breathing room. Still has the edge-to-edge acrylic side panel.

Cooler Master MasterBox MB520

For the MB520, it is still based on the MB510L but instead of carbon fiber, it has a smoked acrylic panel. Again with the edge-to-edge acrylic side panel.

Lastly is the MB530P. It has triple tempered glasses – one at the front replacing the MB510L’s carbon fiber look, and two for the side panels. Also has addressable RGB LEDs.

Cooler Master XG Gold 750

New power supply by Cooler Master, this time with one side of the PSU dedicated for a screen. This screen can display fan speed, temperature, and power draw – but only through the 10 bars that it has. It can also display the CM logo alongside with the XG Gold 750 branding.

It has 80 PLUS Gold certification and comes with a 7-year warranty.

New Thermal Compound Packaging

Cooler Master Thermal Compound

From what Cooler Master has told us, the new thermal compound packaging of the MasterGel series will be changed to this oblong-shaped syringe. It enables a simpler, easier, and more even spreading of the thermal compound on the CPU IHS.

New H212 Concept

For those who loved the Hyper 212 series, Cooler Master will be updating it with a brand new design soon with the H212 Concept. It functions pretty much the same as before but this time with a smoked piece of acrylic at the top covering the heatpipes endcaps and also has a CM logo in RGB.

AMD Ryzen Wraith Ripper

A brand new cooler that is made in collaboration with AMD, the Ryzen Wraith Ripper is made specifically for the TR4 Threadripper socket. Now comes with two RGB light strips as well.

Transparent Liquid Cooler

This is a liquid cooler that shows off the pump that is in the CPU block. It’s still in development and hence the interim name that it has now.

Thermoelectric Cooler

The thermoelectric cooler that Cooler Master is showing here is still in its early stages of development. The CPU block itself has a pump and the temperature monitor is right below the block itself. There are two radiators for this cooler – the first 240mm radiator does the heat exchange with Peltier elements and also extract some of those heat away, whereas the other 120mm radiator is purely for cooling.

Cooler Master has a thermal probe on the 120mm radiator and it shows 20ºC – which was way cooler than the ambient temperature at that time.

Cooler Master CK550/CK552

These two keyboards are Cooler Master’s latest addition. They are available in both silver and black colors. Both of these keyboards are using Gateron switches. Of course, it has RGB lighting as well. As for more details on the typing experience, we’ll have to wait for the review unit.

Cooler Master CK550 CK552

Cooler Master Headphone Stand

Yea, sure. Headphone stands these days are pretty predictable – RGB lighting, some USB, and audio passthrough. However, Cooler Master included one more feature in their headphone stand – wireless Qi charging.

Cooler Master Battle Station

There were two of these battle station things at Cooler Master’s booth. It’s actually looking more or less like a final product as the chair can already be inclined and declined smoothly, and the keyboard/mouse platform is solid as well.

Cooler Master also told us that this battle station will be for sale soon at an expected price of somewhere around USD $2,000.


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