During the ASUS press event today, we have seen the announcement of the ZenBook Pro with a secondary screen on the touchpad, dubbed as the ScreenPad. However, what really caught us by surprise is the Project Precog where the whole keyboard and palm rest is a huge secondary display.

Project Precog

Project Precog

The name “Precog” is a shortened version of  “precognitive” and it refers to individuals who possess the psychic ability to see events in the future. This device provides a glimpse of where some AI-based technology is heading in the future.

Computex 2018: ASUS Project Precog is a ZenBook Flip with Dual Screen 1

This convertible dual-screen device offers advanced flexibility, expandability, and productivity by incorporating a huge display over the keyboard and palm rest. The extra screen space is perfect for apps that show a large amount of data and information, for instance setting up the laptop in dual screen mode.

The AI Touch automatically recognizes the input device you’re using and changes the interface accordingly. Depending on where you fingertips are placed, the virtual keyboard would adjust accordingly.

What’s interesting is the AI Charging feature from ZenFone 5 also being included in Project Precog. In order to prolong the battery life, the device would automatically keep the battery at 80% charged, then, based on your schedule, the system would decide to complete the last 20% charge. So that the moment you leave your desk, your laptop would be 100% fully charged.

Pricing & Availability

Project Precog

Despite being an experimental and conceptual device, the Project Precog is expected to launch sometime in 2019. So, we don’t have any specifications or price information. We’ll keep you guys updated on more update on Project Precog.


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