The Cycle Frontier is an elite extraction shooter and a free-to-play game. Some people call it Tarkov-lite because it adopts some focus areas similar to Escape from Tarkov. The difference is that players land as prospects into Fortuna III, a once-colonized planet wiped out by a storm – The Cycle.

They must complete missions from the three factions (Korolev, Osiris, and the Independent Civilian Advisory – ICA) to earn rewards like K-Marks, weapons, gear, and equipment. This may look easier said than done. However, our Cycle Frontier esp cheat will boost your chances of a successful mission accomplishment.

Moreover, if you’re new to this game, read this complete beginner guide to the end.

Beginner Guide for The Cycle: Frontier

Understanding the gameplay

The priority of every player that spawns on Fortuna III is to complete missions to level up and receive upgrades for his gear and materials. To complete some missions, you may need to find certain items in the building and mine or recycle items for certain materials. Destroying plants in the game can leave you with resources as well.

Once you’ve collected all you need for the mission, you must reach the extraction site on the map. The red arrow mark indicates this site. So, once you reach the site, call in the extraction ship by pressing “Y.” You may encounter other players and creatures at this point, and if you die, you’ll lose all you’ve worked for to them. So, storing important items in your safe pocket at this stage is advisable.

Understand the Maps

The Cycle Frontier has two maps with different difficulty levels. The first one, Bright Sands, has a normal Difficulty level.

But Crescent Falls has a Hard Difficulty level. Bright Sands is the right option for players seeking to gather resources and experience a balance between PvP and PvE. In other words, it’s a standard map for beginners.

On the other hand, Crescent Falls presents players with more of a player-versus-player experience, thus, making it a tough zone for new players. Nevertheless, players can choose between the two maps and access their blueprints when they press “M.”

Learn how the Factions Work

The ICA, Korolev, and Osiris are the three factions in The Cycle Frontier. During the game, players will be taking missions from these. Upon completing them, the players will receive rewards, access to high-rewarding missions, and access to faction-designed tools. Players can only receive one task per active faction all the time.

Furthermore, players can check out their active missions using their keyboards. A tap on the “G” key will pop up the faction mission screen. There, they access active missions or complete up to three missions for each faction at once.

Learn the different types of Weapons

There are up to 35 weapons available for players in The Cycle Frontier. These weapons are categorized into factions and come with diverse rarities. For example, weapons for the Osiris faction range from Sniper to Burst Pistols. ICA weapons range from Shotguns to SMG, and Korolev weapons range from DMR to assault rifles.

Players can choose any weapon from these categories or visit the standard weapon store for more varieties. Co-tec is the stop where players will frequently visit for their gear, thanks to the availability of common equipment, consumables, attachments, and gear. Players can purchase relevant attachments at this stop to upgrade their weapons.

Understand the types of equipment

There are two equipment options for players in this game: Gear and Consumables. Although the consumables are highly valuable, players can only use them once. Examples are grenades and healing gears.

In this game, you can access grenades, including an Audio decoy, gas grenade, and smoke grenade.

On the other hand, you can access medicine like Weak Stim, Strong Stim, Combat Stim, etc. In all your matches, it’s important to have at least ten healing consumables and two or more grenades.

Insure your gear

Death is unavoidable and unpredictable in this game. Should it occur, players lose all their gear, weapons, and equipment. However, by getting their gear under insurance, they can recover those items or receive compensation for the lost items.

There are two Insurance plans, Gear Salvage, where players can recover items, and Standard Insurance, where players receive payments for lost items. So, as you progress in The Cycle Frontier, ensure your valuable gear to prevent losses.


Despite being thrilling, The Cycle Frontier has a newbie-friendly community, allowing all beginners to make the most of their gameplay. It’s free to play and entices you with beautiful visuals.

With this complete beginner guide, you’ll reach the extraction site and evacuate successfully each time you play. All you need to do is understand everything about the game, including its gameplay, maps, factions, weapons, equipment, and insurance.


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