CHERRY has something new. No, not the mechanical switches (The new MX Black Clear Top ‘Nixies‘ is just a couple of months old) but rather a series of new microphones perfect for home and office use.

CHERRY UM Series Microphones Featured

A total of 3 models are introduced in this round which are the UM 9.0 PRO RGB, UM 3.0, and UM6.0 ADVANCED going from left to right. Designed for easy setup and instant plug-and-play, all three of them utilize the USB interface to fit in all sorts of setups in the modern day and yes you heard that right, multi-platform compatibility means PC, Mac, PS4, and PS5 in this case. Everyone is also made with sturdy metal parts that include touch-to-mute, volume control, and an integrated headphone jack to make things easier for the streamers and presenters.

Starting from the most budget option, the UM 3.0 provides a scanning rate of 96KHz and 24 bits recording tailored towards single-person use with its directional cardioid capsule that works nicely for talk-focused content like podcasts, voiceovers, or in certain cases musical instruments as well. The UM 6. ADVANCED on the other hand, comes with choices of cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns to choose from that can take in sources from 2 directions with similar scanning rates of 96KHz and 24 bits. A little bit of “premium” comes from the addition of the shock mount for more stability.

Lastly, the UM 9.0 PRO RGB has the best treatment out of all with 192KHz and 24 bits scanning rate and 4 different types of polar patterns ‘cardioid’, ‘omnidirectional’, ‘bidirectional’, and ‘stereo’ that covers a wide variety of use cases. The shock mount is here to stay while as the name suggests, RGB all around for that gamer boost.

CHERRY Microphone Accessories

For more after-purchase customization, there are also a couple of microphone arms if there’s not enough space on your table to place even a single microphone or you prefer them mid-air. But anyway, the UM Pop Filter keeps all the spits and unwanted debris from entering.

Price and Availability

All 6 items listed in this article are available for preorder at Amazon right now and they will launch officially next month at the following price:

  • UM 3.0: USD69.99
  • UM 6.0 ADVANCED: USD89.99
  • UM 9.0 PRO RGB: USD119.99
  • MA 3.0 UNI: USD59.99
  • MA 6.0 UNI USB: USD99.99

Malaysian pricing is currently unknown, however.


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