There’s a couple of exciting news from recent years when it came to the OG brand of mechanical keyboard switches CHERRY.

First, they announced the MX Black Clear Top dubbed “Nixies” by the community due to the model being exclusively available in the keyboards of Wincor Nixdorf systems, as well as the launch of the MX2A standard where they refined the manufacturing process to create a better stock experience including barrel-style spring, better lube distribution, tighter molds, etc.


Now, another wave of “keyboard renaissance” revival has come so say hello to the CHERRY MX Orange.

CHERRY MX Orange HiroseAccording to Deskthority‘s information, the MX Orange is super rare in terms of its original appearance in the keyboard market and features a really deep orange slider. Although some other “Hirose”-class MX switches have ‘HCP’ etched on the top housing, the MX Orange variant almost exclusively had ‘CHERRY’ instead, so at least it abides by the standard consensus of CHERRY products.

The page also listed only two products from Japan, namely NCR’s F020 and the Yamaha QX3, which is a digital sequence recorder dated back to 1987 as shown below.

Yamaha QX3The official product page for the new MX Orange also cleared up some of the historical facts, stating “The CHERRY MX ORANGE is another edition to CHERRY’s line-up of community switches. The original switch had been manufactured by CHERRY’s Japanese partner Hirose, became a rare collector’s item today and has been in demand by the enthusiast community for a long time. This reissue of an old classic holds all the improvements of the MX2A generation to revive this legendary key switch in a modern approach.”

Therefore from this quote alone, we can say that the same community effort that drove CHERRY to bring back Nixies gets the credit for the fruity variant as well.

CHERRY MX Orange Force Graph

CHERRY also followed the classic recipe of 55cN operating force, 25cN reset force, and the traditional 2mm pre-travel and 4mm full-travel.

Cherry GmbH Auerbach

Well, let’s not forget the German brand in terms of listening to fan demands to win back some market share. Competition within the mechanical switches market has grown so much and expanded into different spaces. From the custom keyboard scene popping off since COVID-19 to classic Chinese brands like Gateron, Kailh, and JWK improving their products year over year while rising stars like HMX and BSUN making a name for themselves in a relatively short time, simply relying on OEM and partners to stuff their gaming keyboards with CHERRY switches is just not as profitable as it used to be.

Heck, even gaming keyboards are ditching the mechanical idea thanks to Wooting’s HE60 and the beginning of Hall Effect switches beating its counterpart in technicality (Rapid Trigger wins games for real) and practicality (Ain’t no switch pins breaking off if there’s none, no?).

So yeah, I’m all in for community-driven CHERRY switches. No matter if it is from a YouTuber for the MX Purple or some 1980s MX Orange, let me have ’em all.

Also, if you’re finding the OG vintage MX Orange, here’s one website selling them. 6 British Pounds. Not a pack of 10. Just one unit.


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