A few weeks ago, Genysis Cyber Esport asks us to come to the Applez Dream Net cybercafe to cover the Dota 2 championship tournament will take place on 21 September 2014. Though it’s not much of a cover due to time constraint, we managed to drop by to see the local teams pit out against each other for the grand prize of RM5000.

Upon arrival, there is nothing much at the doorstep.

But right outside is where the spectators get to view the live feed of the games ongoing.

And if they’re bored, they could have a go at the racing simulator prepared for them.

TTEsports, being the main sponsor of the event has a sales booth right outside for their gaming gears at a special price.

Of course, some prizes from them as well.

Right inside, everyone is getting ready for the tournament.

We have the lively Mr.Sean as the emcee for the day.

Your host and games broadcaster for today is the lovely Ms.Isabell from Genysis Cyber Esport.

Some of the teams are seen practicing.

 While some are just chilling out.

And of course some are discussing their strategies.

Here is the agenda for the day. Arrow gaming team will make an appearance for an brief interview, fans meeting and contract signing. The winner of the day will also get to challenge them in a game of Dota 2.

 Members of Genysis Cyber Esport is as busy as ever.

Here are some of the team brackets in the tournament.

In the mean time, Mr Sean interviews a few passerby to get the loadout of what’s happening currently. Bad news is that there seem to be an issue with STEAM so they were unable to broadcast live online.

Unfortunately I wan’t able to stay to see the whole event. Before I go, here are some more shots of the players practicing their game.


Good luck to all teams in the tourney!