New BitFenix power
supply lineup fully compatible with Intel Haswell CPU C6/C7 sleep states

BitFenix Fury Passes Intel Haswell Testing 1

(BitFenix Design Lab, September
1, 2014)
– The release of the Fury
PSU Series
has made serious waves in the hardware community with impressive
power specifications and cables featuring all Alchemy sleeving. Another great
benefit is high efficiency and cost savings, especially when paired with
Intel’s Haswell-class processors and their low-power sleep states. To ensure
full compatibility with the latest hardware, BitFenix has worked closely with
Intel to make sure that Fury delivers according to spec. After recent testing
from the Intel labs, the BitFenix Fury PSU Series passed with flying colors,
reaffirming their full compatibility
with Intel Haswell C6/C7 sleep states

Haswell C6/C7 is a low-power state that is meant to lower power usage when the
system is in sleep mode. The issue arises when certain power supplies are
unable to provide a minimum load of 0.05 amps on the 12V2 rail, which can lead
to stability issues. However, Fury PSUs are fully compatible with these sleep
states, as the Intel testing labs have confirmed.

The following is the Haswell test for the Fury 750G:
BitFenix Fury Passes Intel Haswell Testing 3
BitFenix Fury PSU Series is now listed on the PSU selector found on the Intel
more information on Fury, please visit
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