BIOSTAR today announced the launch of their latest Intel 500 series chipset motherboards engineered for the upcoming 11th Gen Intel Core Processors and compatible with the existing 10th Gen Intel Core processors. As of now, BIOSTAR has introduced a total of 6 models, each designed to cater to the different needs of users nowadays.


First up is the VALKYRIE series motherboards, a brand-new series which according to BIOSTAR, will be their flagship motherboard label. The first two models introduced for the VALKYRIE series is the Z590 VALKYRIE and Z590I VALKYRIE, featuring a new design in matte black, gold, and pink accent, as well as the cover and metal backplate similar to what you’ve seen on the ‘enthusiasts-grade’ motherboards nowadays.

Not much information is available at the moment, especially the components used but it seems that BIOSTAR is going all out with a 22-phase power delivery design, which I’m really looking forward to giving a try when it’s available. VRM aside, it’ll come with all the new features that are made available on the Intel Z590 chipset, especially the long-awaited PCIe 4.0 support for PCIe 4.0 SSDs and graphics cards.


The RACING series will also be getting two new models, the RACING Z590GTA and RACING B560GTQ. The new RACING series motherboards will also feature a brand new design with pure Copper parts on the heatsink, while retaining the existing features such as VIVID LED DJ, BIOSTAR RGB SYNC, and LED ROCK ZONE for the aesthetics.

As for power delivery, the RACING Z590GTA will feature BIOSTAR’s ‘proprietary’ 14-phase power delivery design for improved stability. Information is very limited as of now, and we’ll have to wait until BIOSTAR releases more information on its new RACING Z590 chipset motherboards.

H510MH/E 2.0 & H510MX/E 2.0

Aside from the VALKYRIE series, BIOSTAR also introduced two new models for its Intel 500 series motherboards lineup, the H510MH/E 2.0 and M510MX/E 2.0. From the chipset alone we can already tell that both are designed for mainstream users and office users in mind.

The H510MH/E 2.0 and the H510MX/E 2.0 motherboards will fit well for the non-extreme use case such as office workstations as well as HTPC and SI, adding great value for users looking to upgrade to Intel’s latest 11th gen processors as a solid platform.

BIOSTAR Intel 500 H510


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