BIOSTAR has recently launched the latest AGESA BIOS update for its AMD chipset motherboards. Let’s briefly browse through what they have on the table.

BIOSTAR motherboards AGESA BIOS updates featured

The latest AGESA BIOS update is focused on BIOSTAR’s AM4-based 500, 400, and 300-series motherboards. Apart from resolving major and minor issues on the AMD AM4 lineup, the most notable upgrade is the long-awaited full compatibility for the current latest Ryzen CPUs, including the Ryzen 5800X3D CPU that was launched back in April.

You can refer to following list for the supported models of the BIOS update:

Chipset Model BIOS file (click on text to download)
B550 B550M-SILVER B55BS505.BST
B550 B550T-SILVER B55AK505.BSS
B550 B550MX/E PRO B55DS505.BSS
B550 B550MH B55AS505.BSS
B550 B550GTA B55AG516.BST
B550 B550GTQ B55AS516.BST
A520 A520MH A52AS505.BSS
B450 B450MH B45CS505.BSS
B450 B450NH B45AK505.BSS
B450 B450MHP B45NS505.BSS
B450 B450GT3 B45AS516.BSS
B450 B450GT B45HS516.BST
B450 B450MX B45HS516.BSS
B450 B450MX-S B45JS516.BSS
B450 B450MHC B45BS516.BSS
A320 A320MH 2.0 A32GS505.BSS
A320 A32M2 A32FS505.BSS
A320 A320MH A32ES505.BSS

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