BIOSTAR is launching a new customized solutions service tailored towards both consumers and businesses.

While they do technically provide the service for even the most basic home users, BIOSTAR is actually promoting it as an efficient and time-saving solution to organizations such as SI companies to quickly deploy or expand their business operations that revolve around IT. By sourcing through their list of motherboards, RAM, and storage solutions in conjunction with other general computing parts, BIOSTAR will be assembling the rigs done by their own in-house team but not before propose and settling with the most efficient configuration plans discussed with clients.


From the official site, it seems that they are offering the service for the categories of school, government, and enterprise use and you can make an inquiry directly towards an interesting sample solution and move on from there. While they do promise a global range of offline and online service/support, if you need to buy a large batch from them for your company, better contact them first before placing your order.

Never thought BIOSTAR would start providing a prebuilt service but I guess in the current state of the plummeted global economy, you gotta make do with whatever you can think of.


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