Attention, the ASUS x Microsoft x Qualcomm AI laptops are coming in.

ASUS New Era AI PC Launch Event

To be officially revealed on 2 AM of May 21 for the SEA region, the presumably Snapdragon X series chipset-powered laptops with Windows on Arm are poised to challenge the x86-dominated market once again (Yes, they did F’ed up back then) with the power of AI in their hands.

As for whether the consumers will jump ship to the platform, it is highly dependent on the software side to be honest as I have no doubts about Qualcomm making powerful chips for laptops because smartphone’s SoC are already powerful enough to even emulate PS2 games and play modern cross-platform titles (incoming gacha game rant but I digress).

So yeah, Windows on Arm, let the world see that you’re serious about it.

Anyway, you can bookmark the streaming site for now and it should go live when the time comes.


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