I don’t think that ASUS will ever push out a Noctua-collaborated RTX 4090 so might as well cope with the new RTX 4080 SUPER version instead.

ASUS GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER Noctua Edition 1

After successfully tinkering with the prior models including the RTX 3070, 3080, and the original RTX 4080, the world-class whisper-quiet model with exceptional cooling capabilities returns with the signature tailor-made vapor chamber and big hunk of a heatsink, heat dissipation is efficiently handled by the esteemed NFA12x25 fans.

However, in exchange for pushing all other specifications to their limits, this card occupies a substantial 4.3 slots so if you really want this, check the back slots of your PC case before buying.  Assuming this isn’t an issue, you’ll enjoy a minimal 27dB noise output under full load without encountering thermal throttling.

Regarding the custom-made fan, Noctua’s exclusive Sterrox liquid-crystal polymer material is employed to achieve an impressively low thermal expansion coefficient. This results in tight tolerances, minimizing airflow leakage and significantly enhancing overall cooling capabilities compared to conventional alternatives.

As per usual, users can utilize the GPU Tweak III software to further personalize and adjust power and fan settings to their preference. Additionally, for those who prefer managing everything through their mobile device, the new Mobile Monitor serves as a remote interface for the GPU Tweak III software.


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