ASUS today announced USB-AC68, a pocket-sized dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi USB 3.0 adapter with AC1900-class performance that offers an instant wireless networking upgrade for a laptop or desktop PC.
With a 3×4 MIMO configuration and ASUS AiRadar beamforming for optimum reception, USB-AC68 delivers ultra-fast Wi-Fi performance — up to 1300Mbps on the 5GHz frequency band and 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band.USB-AC68 has two internal antennas plus two external 3-position folding antennas that help improve reception in any environment.
In order to remove potential data bottlenecks, USB-AC68 uses a USB 3.0 interface, which is up to 10 times (10X) faster than USB 2.0. 
USB-AC68 has a stylish and futuristic design, featuring a black and red color scheme, and it comes with a handy cradle for desktop use.
Upgrade a laptop or desktop PC to ultra-fast Wi-Fi — instantly
Many laptops and desktop PCs are unable to take full advantage of the capabilities of modern 802.11ac routers, as they only have previous-generation Wi-Fi. With ASUS USB-AC68, users can enjoy an instant upgrade to the latest Wi-Fi standard simply by plugging it in to a spare USB port.
Delivering speeds of up to 1300Mbps on the 5GHz frequency band and 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, USB-AC68 offers faster-than-wired-networking speeds for smooth streaming and low-latency online gaming. Maximum performance is achieved when paired with an 802.11ac router, but USB-AC68 is fully backward-compatible with all previous Wi-Fi standards.

Flexible antenna configuration for optimum performance 
For wide coverage and stable reception, ASUS USB-AC68 has a 3×4 (3 transmit, 4 receive) MIMO configuration. It features two internal antennas, plus two additional external antennas that fold neatly into the body of the device. When the device is plugged directly into a USB port these 3-position antennas can be extended at 90° to the adapter body, and when it is used in the supplied desktop cradle they can be deployed at 180° to the adapter for optimum reception. These convenient folding antennas ensure that USB-AC68 is perfectly portable, yet delivers the best possible reception.
For the clearest signals and most stable connections, the ASUS AiRadar feature in USB-AC68 uses beamforming to focus signals towards the Wi-Fi source for better reception. 
USB-AC68 is a backward compatible USB 3.0 device with data-transfer speeds up to 10 times (10X) faster than the USB 2.0 to ensure there are bottlenecks when it comes to data transfer between the adapter and the computer.
Availability & Pricing
The USB-AC68 is available in all major retail stores nationwide from today onwards at the price of RM449.

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