Apacer Introduces B522 Chic Powerbank With 10,000mAh Capacity, 2.1A Output and Dual USB Charger 1

Just imagine when you’re busy getting on with your day, and your mobile phone runs out of power – “awkward”! Now Apacer rolls out its B522, a chic power bank with great capacity that offers premium safety. Powered by the large capacity of 10,000mAh, it ensures complete charge of your smart devices, and with its large 2.1A power output, charging time is dramatically shortened. What’s more, you can now get through a whole day with both your smartphone and tablet fully charged, for the dual USB port allows you to charge two devices at once! Employing an alloy of titanium-silver and aluminum, Apacer B522 is an elegant and compact device. Superior to the majority of the power banks on the market, the ultra-thin 1.3cm charger is extremely portable for your mobile life! 

Apacer Introduces B522 Chic Powerbank With 10,000mAh Capacity, 2.1A Output and Dual USB Charger 3

Large capacity and dual output, meeting diverse charging demands
A wide selection of charging devices is on the market, yet which is the one that can truly satisfy your diverse charging demands throughout the day? According to market analysis, many people carry two or more devices with them, and they very often use and charge their devices simultaneously. So an easily portable power bank with a large capacity is increasingly in need. Indeed, while the capacity of mobile devices is increasing, so is the time spent in waiting for devices to charge. With these in mind, Apacer launches B522. With 10,000 mAh high capacity, 2.1A larger power supply, dual USB port and the ultra-thin body, Apacer B522 is ready to solve all power issues for mobile users!
The ultra-thin body for extra portability; the aluminum finish for chic
Apacer B522, with a light-weight, portable and 1.3cm ultra-thin body, is the best choice for users pursuing extreme mobility. It provides uninterrupted digital communication and entertainment all day long. Its low-key matt metal body is subtle and elegant; the anti-fingerprint design makes it always look brand-new. The tap-on LED light design and the sleek clear-cut body give it a fashionable minimalistic look; the diamond cut rounded for better appearance and a more comfortable experience holding the device. Chic and with great mobility, Apacer B522 is your best choice.

Apacer Introduces B522 Chic Powerbank With 10,000mAh Capacity, 2.1A Output and Dual USB Charger 5

Four protection mechanisms safeguard mobile phone and tablet
B522 is equipped with multiple protection mechanisms. In the event of any abnormal conditions on charging device or any short circuits on the interfaces, the short circuit protection (SCP) will be initiated to immediately disconnect power. The ODCP will shut down the device once the power supply limit is reached to keep mobile phone and tablet safe. OVP/ODP will effectively prevent the fully charged batteries of mobile devices from further charging and prohibit the batteries of mobile devices from being deeply discharged. The comprehensive protection mechanisms ensure not only the safety of operation, but also the service life of mobile devices and the power bank. Apacer power bank has obtained the certification of RoHS and CE of the EU and FCC. It can meet all your demands for a power bank: large capacity, dual power supply, full security and ultra-thin body. Apacer B522 is your prime choice!

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