GIGABYTE has announced its gaming brand AORUS is officially extending its strategic partnership with G2 Esports, one of the most renowned esports organizations around the world. The upcoming term is going to be the 4th year with both parties expressing their gratitude and willingness to move forward together in the future after several successful collaborations.



Ever since the first time they have joined hands in 2018, AORUS provided some of their best and premium hardware such as desktop sets and laptops to G2’s training facilities to aid their players to grow even further and beyond expectation. AORUS also took the chance to collect the opinion of G2 players during its product development cycle to recognize the needs of modern-day gamers and integrate them accordingly. As such, the Z490 AORUS ULTRA was born as a result of commemoration and accommodation, with the iconic G2 samurai logo showing off the top-quality components that made up the premium Intel-based motherboard. Find out more about it here.


On the other hand, professional esports players travel frequently to attend all sorts of tournaments worldwide so having a strong laptop that the players can practice on at any time is a must to keep up with their skills and muscle memory. One of them is the flagship AORUS 15G for the best on-the-go gaming machine of the brand. With up to Intel Core i9 processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card churning out tons of frames and displayed on the 15.6-inch 240Hz FHD display by SHARP, no lags or hiccups is going to interrupt their training experience. It is also certified by G2’s CS:GO team if you need more recognition by professional players. Oh, you want to know about our verdict? Here’s what we have to say.

With the extension of the partnership, we hope AORUS creates more esports-related products to spice up the market even more, and also, everyone knows that the wallet of hardcore esports fans tends to be quite deep.


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