Choosing which apps to download on your Android device can be challenging. There are a lot of apps to choose from, and all come with amazing features. However, we’re here to help. We’ve created a list that combines updated and solid existing apps everyone should have. Some are lesser-known apps that might have piqued your interest and want to try out.

These are the top Android apps you should have on your mobile or tablet.

Desert Island

This is one of Google’s Digital Wellbeing experiments. This app basically forces you to use just a few selected apps during the day. Say, for example, you choose 6 apps (depending on your preference), the rest will be hidden from view. You can still use them though if necessary. You’ll get a detailed summary telling your progress after 24 hours.


Want to level up your phone’s audio? Then Boom is the one for you. It allows you to modify the settings for your phone’s audio to make it more clear and crisp. This includes the setting for EQ. The app also supports 3D surround sound, therefore you can feel a much more pondering sound experience, even with your headphones.

Energy Ring

Energy Ring is built for the Samsung S series, specifically. The app places a ring around the hole-punch for the front-view camera. This indicates the current percentage level of your battery. Albeit, it won’t change how you use your phone structurally, but it’s still a neat concept that’s download-worthy.

Additionally, unlike watches where you need a watch battery replacement, you can simply charge your phone when the battery’s drained or empty through this app.


Yes, Netflix is one of the best video-streaming services there is. It is packed with a massive selection of movies, series, and documentaries for subscribers. Not to mention, the performance is as smooth as silk. You will certainly get entertained starting at $9 a month.


Hands down the best video sharing site available online. Youtube is intuitive and smooth, bringing the luxury of easy video sharing right at the palm of your hand. Youtube Red subscribers will even get a pass to all the premium content, and one of the special features — audio playback while your device screen is off.

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This amazing mobile app enables you to stream your music collection, as well as music offered by different artists who sell their music on Bandcamp. It is definitely one of the fastest and simplest means to purchase music straight from your favourite artists.

Vice News

If journalism that inclines toward gonzo is your preference, Vice is the app you want. It offers a full-bodied library of video and written content under one app. Super easy to navigate and the layout is elegant-looking. Not only that, the app has estimated reading time duration, so that people can prioritize articles to match their schedule. Especially those with super hectic time schedules.


Fan of sports update? Of course, you don’t want to miss downloading and installing the ESPN app on your device. Get fresh news on your favourite leagues and teams.

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

Whether you are into baseball, football, basketball, or hockey, the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports app is the kind of app you dig in. it will give you all sorts of fantasy sports information you want, such as advice from experts, mock and league, and simple tools for management.


Without a doubt, Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet in today’s generation. You can easily keep up with your family and friends, go straight into instant messages, and stay up-to-date with push notifications.


Whenever we hear “hashtags”, Twitter will always be one of the things that come to mind. Apart from Instagram and Facebook, of course. You can easily follow friends and celebrities, share favourite videos or photos, and get the most updated news from around the world.


Today, Instagram is omnipresent in the world of photography online, so you might as well install it on your phone. It is an app owned by Facebook and is a social network platform that caters mainly to photos. It also offers great filters and instant connection with others.


Skype is an original VOIP service that is now owned by Microsoft. It is an instant messaging app that boasts more than 350 million users. It comes with free voice and video calls internationally using your WiFi or mobile data.


Perhaps, this is the best feature that Facebook has, its built-in instant messaging. Facebook offers a stand-alone messenger app that allows you to communicate with your Facebook friends or anyone from your contacts. You can do it without having the need to sign in to Facebook itself or even install Facebook on your device.

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Regardless if you have a Kindle or not, you can still read and browse ebooks directly on your smartphone. From classics to the best-selling digital book copies, it’s a one-stop-shop with more than 900,000 titles to choose from Amazon store.


Single? Don’t worry, Tinder is the answer. It is the ultimate mobile dating app for love searchers or simply for friendship. With its location-centric features, you can easily find someone from your place with just a simple swipe to the left or right of your screen. Who knows, your next match is just a minute away.


Speaking of Android apps, there are absolutely thousands of them. Apps mentioned are the most popular ones downloaded by users across the globe. Some are even pre-installed when you buy any Android smartphone or tablet. Apps are essential; they make our lives easier, entertained, and more convenient. All thanks to modern technology.



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