With all the leaked benchmark results that looks really promising, AMD Ryzen CPUs has been in the spotlight recently as this is the long awaited moment for the AMD fans where AMD CPUs has finally caught up with Intel’s CPUs. Motherboard manufacturers has been announcing motherboards for AMD Ryzen CPUs and Biostar too, has recently announced the addition of RACING X370 and B350 to its RACING series motherboard line up.

According to the memory support list on Biostar, AMD Ryzen CPUs is capable of supporting DDR4 memory of up to 3600MHz (as seen in the list below) via AMD Memory Profile (AMP), the AMD counterpart of Intel’s Extreme Memory Profile (XMP).

Brand Model Size Type
A DATA AX4U2400W4G16-QRZ 4G DDR4 2400
A DATA AX4U2400W8G16-QRZ 8G DDR4 2400
APACER 78.C1GM3.AF10B 8G DDR4 2133
APACER 78.C1GMS.4010B 8G DDR4 2400
APACER 78.B1GM3.AF00B 4G DDR4 2133
GEIL GPR416GB3000C16QC 4G DDR4 2400
INFINEON WJDLDC2G12808HI-1333 2G DDR4 2133
KINGSTON HX430C15PB2K4/16 8G DDR4 2400
KINGSTON HX428C14PB2K4/16 2G DDR4 2667
UMAX 84G48G93HY-21MHYWKGF15T 8G DDR4 2133
TRANSCEND C59410-0133 4G DDR4 2133
PATRIOT PX432G280C6QK 8G DDR4 2800
G.SKILL F4-3400C16Q-16GRBD 4G DDR4 3400
G.SKILL F4-3600C17D-8GVK 4G DDR4 3600
G.SKILL F4-2400C15Q-32GRB 8G DDR4 2400
G.SKILL F4-3200C16Q-16GRKD 4G DDR4 3200
APOTOP U4A4G93-24G6NMCF01 4G DDR4 2400
APOTOP U4A8G93-24G6NMCF01 8G DDR4 2400
Vcolor TD8G16C17-UH 8G DDR4 2400
Crucial MTA8ATF51264AZ-2G1A1 4G DDR4 2133
Crucial BLS4G4D240FSA.8FADG 4G DDR4 2400
Crucial CT16G4DFD8213.16FA1 16G DDR4 2133
Panram PUD42400C154GNJW 4G DDR4 2400

As it is worth noting that Biostar hasn’t been really active in the high end motherboard section like what ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, EVGA did, There are chances that the AMD Ryzen CPU could support even higher frequency on motherboards that are specifically design for overclocking.

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