Gaming represents a broad spectrum of activities, from eSports to online gambling and regular streaming. It is one of the new gold mines for making money online. However, correctly planning a working strategy can be tricky for inexperienced gamers, as the industry is highly competitive.

A recent market forecast by Newzoo revealed that there are currently over 3 billion gamers worldwide as of 2022. This number keeps growing by the year, as do new alternatives for money making.

Unlike in the past, there are numerous ways to make money through gambling. We will elaborate on some of the best alternatives for gamers regardless of experience.

Ways To Make Money Through Gaming

Here are the alternative ways through which you can make money by playing games:

Become A Game Tester

Game testing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money. As a game tester, you play video games, test all features, identify flaws and give detailed and honest reviews on your thoughts. Companies pay testers to provide feedback before the official release of games, and listings are always available on freelance sites.

Game testing is also very popular in online casinos, and most smart gamers make a fortune from it. All the major game studios, in partnership with the top independent casino sites, carry out this process before publicly releasing games. Testers check out game optimisation, bonus usability, and other technical areas of casino games. Almost every new casino UK and other world regions supports good partnerships with these top studios. Thus, there are always new exclusive releases available. You can email these online gambling companies to notify them of your services or look out for job listings on major job listing sites.

Create A Blog

You can always make extra money by creating a gaming blog if you have good writing skills and a great passion for the gambling industry. Unlike in the past, it is now easy to create a blog. With the right hosting plan, you can host a WordPress blog and write on interesting topics that may capture readers attention.

Blogs do not kick off immediately, so it takes about 6+ months to start making money. However, in the long run, a blog is one of the most profitable ways to make money. There are numerous earning possibilities, as you can also earn by recommending the latest igaming products, devices and equipment to readers.

Play Blockchain Games

Blockchain gaming is the new trend. It allows players to earn real cryptos and NFTs by playing fun games. Plants Vs. Undead is one of these blockchain games making waves today. It is an addictive farm-based game which allows players to earn PVU tokens, which are currently valued at US$0.01. Players can also craft specialised plants, which they can sell as NFTs on the marketplace.

Become A Streamer

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One of the easiest ways to monetise yourself is by becoming a streamer. Numerous platforms like YouTube and Twitch allow players to post videos and start live streaming sessions. Players earn by receiving donations from followers on Twitch. On YouTube, there are other options like ads revenue, donations and channel memberships.

Though being a streamer can be highly profitable, it requires much patience, as it takes some time to grow a large following.


The igaming industry grows rapidly, as do new technologies and ways to earn. Other than the methods listed in this article, there are many different ways gamers can make money through igaming. However, the ones listed here are some of the best-proven techniques from our research.

Starting a blog or becoming a streamer is best for gamers with patience, as it takes quite a few months to start seeing results. However, both methods have the highest earning potential in the long run. Playing blockchain games or becoming a game tester is a good idea for faster earning.

Overall, there are so many ways to make money through gaming. As long as you are a good gamer with a passion for games, you are good to go.


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