Aerocool presents elegant Aero-1000 Chassis as part of the new PGS-A Series 1
Aerocool Advanced Technologies, one of world’s leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, presents the Aero-1000 chassis as part of its new PGS-A (Performance Gaming System) series. “A” stands for Airflow, which is one of the most important aspects, when it comes to building a PC case. All chassis from the PGS-A series stand out by extraordinary airflow capabilities, great cable management functions and much space for high-end water-cooling systems. The Aero-1000 is first to incorporate these great features in combination with an extraordinary design.

Aerocool presents elegant Aero-1000 Chassis as part of the new PGS-A Series 3
Aerocool launches the Aero-1000 in two color variations. Users are able to choose between the all-black and the black-and-white model, depending on their preference. The overall design is fresh and elegant at the same time. Huge metal mesh grids in both top and front panel indicate the great cooling potential and focus of the Aero-1000. Aerocool uses very solid steel with 0,8 mm thickness for the chassis to assure great stability. Curved top panel offers extra space for latest 240 mm or 280 mm water-cooling radiators with a thickness of 35 mm. Should this not be enough, it is furthermore possible to mount radiators with 45 mm thickness in the front panel. In addition to that, another 120 mm radiator can be installed in the rear of the chassis. Aerocool ships the Aero-1000 chassis with three pre-installed 120 mm case fans, where two are located in the front and one in the rear. The fans are spinning at 1.200 rpm at merely audible 26,5 dBA and assure constant airflow of 36,4 CFM. Users are able to mount two additional 140 or 120 mm case fans in the top panel, to adjust the airflow according to their needs. Metal mesh grid in the top panel is equipped with magnets and can be easily removed from the outside. The mesh grid in the front can be removed with just one push as well, allowing easy access to the dust filters for cleaning purposes.
Aerocool presents elegant Aero-1000 Chassis as part of the new PGS-A Series 5
Aero-1000 comes with further user-friendly features, such as the two bay flip-mechanism covers for the 5,25 inch bays and tool-free mounting mechanisms for the hard drives. Users are able to mount up to five 3,5 inch drives and two 2,5 inch drives very comfortably thanks to slide-in trays. The 3,5 inch trays can alternatively be used to mount 2,5 inch HDD and SSD, if desired. Aerocool equipped all the slide-in trays with anti-vibration rubber insulators to reduce the transfer of vibrations to the chassis. Both 5,25 inch bays are equipped with tool-free mechanism as well for user-friendly mounting of optical drives.
Aerocool presents elegant Aero-1000 Chassis as part of the new PGS-A Series 7
Gamers are going to love the Aero-1000 due to its spacious design, which allows high-end water-cooling systems as well as very large VGA cards with a length of up to 410 mm. Conventional air coolers with a height of up to 170 mm and power supply units with 220 mm length can be mounted easily as well. Cable management aspects are important, which is why Aero-1000 comes with several pre-drilled holes with rubber grommets for convenient cable routing. The I/O-Panel is integrated into the top panel and blends in perfectly with the elegant design, while offering two USB 3.0 ports along with one headphone jack and microphone jack.
Aerocool’s Aero-1000 chassis will be available at etailers and retails starting this week. Suggested manufacturers price is set at 79,90 EUR in Europe and $99,00 in USA (excl. Taxes).

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