In the wake of the massive ransomware attacks over the past 24-hours, many organizations are waking up to the fact that ransomware isn’t something that just happens to “other people”. The threat, as demonstrated by this weekend’s attacks, prove that businesses worldwide needs to be protected against ransomware.
47% of businesses were under ransomware attacks last year. As witnessed by Telefonica and recent bank attacks in Spain and the UK, the threat is growing. Shutting down computers is one short-term solution but won’t help. Only an integrated solution, combining of backup (passive) and proactive security (active) technologies, working together in one product, provides data recovery in any situation. With such sophisticated ransomware, you can’t have limitations on size of the files, number of files.
“People, and businesses hear ‘ransomware’ and think such an attack can’t happen to them. The fact is that it can, and in fact, just today – Telefonica was hit by a very aggressive version of the Wcry ransomware. 47 percent of businesses were under ransomware attacks last year and that’s growing. Just look at Telefonica for the latest proof. The real question businesses, hospitals and telcos should be asking themselves is how can I protect myself from a ransomware attack that is seemingly inevitable. The answer – a reliable backup solution that includes active protection against ransomware attacks. Acronis Backup 12 Advanced and Acronis Active Protection can prevent damage from such ransomware and this solution is available for businesses today.”, said Acronis VP of Engineering, Nikolay Grebennikov.
“Thankfully for companies, that solution exists today with Acronis Active Protection, which actually detected this virus and is able to stop it. Back up procedures is must have business continuity management in companies who want to be protected.”

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