Acronis Malaysia has officially started the service of a new Cyber cloud data center in the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Data Center Malaysia 2

Through this new addition, its partners including direct and distribution roles will be able to provide more efficient and effective cyber protection solutions that include a comprehensive range of monitoring and protection software that enables faster access, high data availability, and sovereignty.

Just for a quick update on numbers, Malaysia recorded 20,000 different cyberattacks last year and almost RM600M in losses are reported and that could be higher if factoring in the unreported ones. On top of that, data breaches resulting in stolen personal info are all over forums dedicated to profiting off cyber espionage are here and there.

Speaking from the pros and cons, it means that Malaysia’s IT infrastructure and data value has climbed up tremendously to be worth stealing but it also means that everyone’s digital identity is at risk of being misused.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Data Center Malaysia 3

As such, the Acronis Cyber Cloud Platform is here to take up the task of protecting organizations and devices with its advanced security suite of active guarding, constant monitoring, and sophisticated disaster response contingency plans.

Purposely crafted for those who seek the best data availability, security, and safety for mission-critical services alongside customer data, everything is streamlined for an easy-to-use experience as well as clear and defined security controls that one may operate with minimal IT training.

The cloud security suite also follows the approach of N+1 for redundancy across all hardware layers that removes the risk of single-point failures through multiple forms of failover safety plans. Therefore, chances are your business can still operate as normal while you try to remedy any cyber disaster if it does occur.

Those who are interested may learn about Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud through this link and yes, even if you’re only a SME owner, the SaaS-based pricing is open for anyone and that means you can stay guarded at all times with it should you approach one of Acronis distribution partners to get more information.


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