5 Things You Should Know About Razer And MOL’s Strategic Partnership 1
Razer has recently announced its official partnership with MOL in during the zGold-MOLPoints launch event in Malaysia. Some of you might still be wondering just what kind of benefit this partnership will bring to not just both MOL and Razer, but to the end-users / gamers as well.

What is going on between MOL and Razer

  • The strategic partnership between MOL and Razer will see MOL, a leading e-payment enabler in Asia, leverage on Razer’s brand leadership in gaming to provide gamers virtual credits known as zGold-MOLPoints; formerly known as MOLPoints.
  • This strategic partnership will allow Razer zGold holders, gamers and Razer’s 35 million registered users, to have access to and pay for over 2,500 digital content and game titles, which are from MOL’s network of game publishers and content providers, using Razer zGold.


  • zGold-MOLPoints is the result of Razer’s strategic partnership with MOL. Previously known as MOLPoints by MOL, zGold-MOLPoints is the rebranded version. 
  • zGold-MOLPoints is an online micro-payment system developed and operated by MOL AccessPortal Sdn.Bhd (MOL). This payment system enables consumers nationwide to purchase over 2,500 online games, digital content and services through any one of 12 localized portals. Purchase of the virtual credits is available at over 1 million physical, online and mobile channels in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Razer zGold

  • Razer zGold is the virtual credits backed by Razer for gamers. Purchase Razer zGold and spend with Razer gaming partners to enjoy great offers, exclusive promotions, and even earn Razer zSilver. You can easily manage all your Razer zGold and zSilver transactions with zVault, the preferred virtual credits wallet for gaming. Razer zGold virtual credits are pegged $1 USD = 100 zGold and can be used globally.

Razer zSilver

  • zSilver is the virtual loyalty credits given by Razer in recognition of your time and engagement online, by using Razer Cortex and being an active contributor on Razer Insider. Exchange earned zSilver for RazerStore.com discounts, full Razer products and more.

Differences between Razer zGold and zGold-MOLPoints

  • Razer zGold and zGold-MOLPoints are 2 separate virtual credits under a common Razer zGold brand. Users will be able to choose between the respective virtual credits to pay for digital content. zGold-MOLPoints will continue its key focus in serving users in South East Asia, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. There is no change in reload process flow for zGold-MOLPoints users after the rebranding. 
  • Razer zGold as virtual credits for gamers, is available for purchase and usage globally on https://zvault.razerzone.com. Users can immediately earn zSilver after using Razer zGold to pay for digital content. 
  • zGold-MOLPoints will continue to have various localized currencies pegged to 100 zGold-MOLPoints, whereas Razer zGold will retain its global exchange rate of 100 zGold, pegged to US$1. 

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