Nowadays there are lots of ways that you can record gameplay videos, ranging from various screen recorders to the Windows 10 Game Bar. But if you intend to share those videos or publish them online, a bit of editing can go a long way.

Although editing videos are not something that is seen as being beginner-friendly, it needn’t be as complicated as you might think. In fact, there are several ways that beginners can start to edit their gameplay videos quite easily, using practically any basic video editor.

Trim Out Unwanted Parts of the Video

One of the best places to start editing your videos is to trim out any unwanted parts. That can include parts of your gameplay videos that have issues, or maybe are just dull and where nothing much happens.

In most editors, it is easy enough to trim out parts of the video. Some will let you split your video to isolate and delete the parts you don’t want, while others may have you select the start and end point and then trim everything outside it.

Suffice to say this is a good way to edit your video so that it is shorter, and more focused on the important parts while also getting rid of parts you may not want viewers to see.

Join Clips Together

After you’re done trimming your video, you can try to join separate clips together. Together both tasks make up the foundation of video production, which is why they go hand in hand.

Starting to join clips together will let you create far more diverse gameplay videos. More importantly, it will let you record shorter takes that can be combined later – which is generally much easier to do.

While combining videos is normally just a case of putting one clip after the next, you should consider the type of cut and the transition between both those clips. The goal should be to make them as smooth as possible and make sure the audio or video doesn’t look disjointed when it transitions.

Add a Video Overlay

Although this is slightly more advanced, it is a popular way to edit gaming videos. Adding a video overlay will basically let you insert a frame on top of your video that contains entirely different video footage.

In gaming videos, it is typically used to add a frame that contains webcam video footage that was recorded at the same time.

The advantage of being able to use this effect is that you can record the webcam video and gaming footage separately. On top of that, it should give you more control over the placement and appearance of the video overlay itself.


Make no mistake there are lots of other ways that you could creatively edit your gaming videos such as to apply various visual effects or add background music. If you want you could even use a picture video maker to create a video out of screenshots or stills from gaming video footage.

All in all the ways to edit your gaming videos that are listed above should be the perfect place to start. Once you’re more familiar with your editor and have a bit more experience under your belt, you should definitely look into other options and ways to improve your videos further.


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