Building on its commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive gaming environment, Xbox released its fourth Transparency Report today. The report highlights advancements in leveraging AI for player safety and the company’s dedication to clear communication with its vast gaming community.

“We’re constantly innovating in responsible AI to empower our human moderators,” said Kim Kunes, Vice President of Gaming Trust and Safety at Xbox. “This allows them to focus on complex issues while AI tackles the identification of potential toxicity.”

The report details successful applications of AI, including “Auto Labeling” which flags potentially harmful text chat, and “Image Pattern Matching” for swift removal of known offensive imagery.

Improvements in player safety are evident. The “voice reporting feature” has led to a positive shift in voice chat behavior, with 98% of players who received an “Enforcement Strike” improving their conduct. Additionally, proactive efforts have prevented millions of lines of harmful text from reaching players.

The report also explores the “Enforcement Strike System,” implemented to encourage positive play. 88% of players who received a strike avoided further violations, demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach.

Xbox has also seen success in combating inauthentic accounts. Enhanced detection methods have led to a significant decline in these accounts, with proactive enforcements dropping from 16.3 million to 7.3 million.

Looking beyond the report, Xbox highlights its commitment to broader online safety initiatives. The launch of the “Microsoft Family Safety Toolkit” offers resources for parents navigating their children’s digital experiences. Additionally, the company’s annual “Global Online Safety Survey” provides valuable data for shaping a safer online environment for all.

Minecraft Education’s “Good Game” is another example of Xbox’s dedication to building a positive gaming community. This immersive learning world teaches players from ages 8-18 how to foster empathy and navigate online interactions responsibly.

“We’re building a strong community, free from intimidation,” concluded Kunes. “By leveraging AI, fostering communication, and prioritizing safety, we aim to ensure everyone can enjoy the joy of gaming.”


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